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August 12, 2005

VF update

On Tuesday I sang about going to get the latest edition of Vanity Fair magazine. Yeah, well, that never happened...remember my rant about gas prices? It all turned into a wild goose chase; the bookstore up at the excuse for a mall didn't even have it and didn't know when they were going to get it. I guess they'd had quite a few people asking about it, and that lady behind the counter was less than friendly to me once the words "Vanity Fair" came out of my mouth. But I made her shut up when I plopped $150 worth of books on her counter 15 minutes later.

I like to start Christmas shopping early, gang, and I snapped up every Star Wars thing I could find.

I asked my husband, oh he who works in that gem of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, if he could, perhaps, stop by the Barnes and Noble after work for me? Pretty please? Well, that didn't happen. He wanted to know why I couldn't go to the library and read it. I said to him: "The library won't let anyone take magazines out. What am I going to do? Sit there for eight hours and read it?" (For I like to read that magazine...)

Well, last night he surprised me and bought me a copy. There was Jennifer Aniston, smiling up at me from my kitchen counter. I thanked Husband profusely and began to read. I also tore out a subscription card and will be mailing it this morning. No more chasing all over this armpit of Ohio!

If you haven't seen it, you should, just for the Aniston pictures alone. I hope, really, that Pitt sees those pics and eats his heart out.

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