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August 12, 2005

Hot Guy Friday


It was 1987 and Lethal Weapon had just been released in theaters. The scene where Mel's character gets up...off the bed...and he's naked. I saw that posterior and the angels sang.

Well, not angels, but it was quite a moment for that seventeen year old girl (me) watching it. I became a Mel Gibson fan then and there.

This is not to say that I see his movies strictly for his bum, he's a good actor too. This also doesn't mean I've liked, or even seen, all his movies. I did not like Conspiracy Theory; that scene with the eyes....reminded me too much of A Clockwork Orange, and I wasn't crazy about that movie either.

To this day I can't watch We Were Soldiers...and it even has last week's hot pick Sam Elliott in it. That movie makes me cry way too much. Serious, ugly faced, Titanic crying, folks.

So, the question is out there: "Did ya see The Passion of the Christ Vic?" Yes, yes I did. I liked it. You know I don't flout religion here, so that's all I'm going to say. I liked it.

I had always liked Gibson as an actor, but after seeing that movie that caused all the hub-bub (and let's face it, how many people saw it because of the controversy?) I had respect for Gibson as a person with convictions, and he stood up for those convictions. I like that these days...he made this movie and didn't seem all that worried about what Hollyweird would think about him.

The best thing about Mel Gibson? Besides his booty? He's a Three Stooges fan! You've gotta love that. Personally, I'm a Curly fan....

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