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August 11, 2005

Old dog learns something new

Isn't it amazing what one finds out in the blogosphere?

This blogger, at first, was not someone I wanted to talk to. She basically rips me a new one, but she does make me think...and gets me to stop my mouth from writing checks my butt can't cash. But I've been reading her blog, commenting, keeping things neutral, as it could be said we're on very opposite sides of the political fence.

Today I went over to see what was new and she talked about writing letters to our service people! What a great idea, really! I don't always agree with her, er, passionate discussions, but she does have a point with the magnets on our cars thing.

So I linked to the site she mentioned, and I'm going to do it! Go check it out, it may be something you'd like to do also.

See, an old dog can learn something new...!!!

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