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August 05, 2005

Hot Guy Friday


Big h/t to my friend CowboyBoots for making this suggestion over beers last weekend.

There's no need to ask why I think this man is hot, but I'll tell you anyway. Aside from the fact that he was in two of my most favorite movies, Gettysburg and Tombstone, this man is just everything we always think of when we hear the word "cowboy." (At least to me, anyway. He almost ranks right up there with The Great John Wayne.)

That top picture is from Gettysburg, where he portrayed John Buford, a cavalry man. Oh my goodness, you can bet I wanted to stand in the same spot he did in the cupola of the Lutheran Seminary down there in Gettysburg. He was one of the few actors in that movie that didn't need "stick-on facial hair" and looked the part of a real man of the cav.

And oh my, can we forget his portrayal of Virgil Earp in Tombstone? The quiet, strong type...

My gosh, I've seen a lot of movies with Sam Elliott in them, and yeah, I did see The Hulk. He was fairly nasty in that one...and I loved him in The Contender (although I wasn't that thrilled with Gary Oldman's portrayal of a conservative Senator, but that's a rant for another time.)

If you ask "Groovy, have you seen Elliott in Road House?" I would regrettfully say yes. Like Ron "Tater Salad" White says, that movie is what bouncers watch to get off...seriously. I hate that movie, it's a big wheel of cheddar cheese, but hey! Sam Elliott on a motorcycle with that long hair....mmmm.

(I bet you all were expecting me to post some "hot Republican" huh? Fooled you, didn't I? Well, I haven't yet found anyone up to "Groovy standards" just yet, although I am seriously looking at Bruce Willis...)

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