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June 30, 2005

It's working again...

Husband got the network back up and running last night, hoooray!!! Now I can sit down and read all my favorite blogs; after the kids eat breakfast I'm sitting down with a big cup of coffee and my laptop and reading the Washington Times website.

Husband is getting out of work early today, which means I won't have to take the kids with me when I take the truck in to get looked at. I hope there are no major things wrong, my Visa card is right this minute smoking in my wallet from overuse...

...because I went to the mall last night. Well, I did have to get a haircut, and for whatever reason Son wanted to go with me. I picked up a new coffee maker at Sears for Hubby to take to work, and then wandered down to the bookstore. BIG MISTAKE. Oh well, better that I buy books, right?

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