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June 25, 2005


...and it was a hectic morning in the Groovy household. Even with just one kid this weekend, we managed to get it off with a bang.

I went in to get Daughter up, and I won't go into details about what I found. I'll just say she'd gotten her diaper off...you can figure the rest out from there. But I was calm, even though she was sobbing, got her cleaned up, cleaned the mess, and threw all sheets, blankets, mattress pad, in hothothot water. Good thing she's still in the crib, it confined the nasty a bit.

Once Daughter was cleaned up (while Husband stood and watched me clean everything up) I got the other beds stripped and started my Saturday laundry ritual. GASP! Out of detergent, that's not good, so I showered and got dressed so I could run to Kroger for gross-eries. I don't know how it happened, but I've got some kind of icky eye infection from those damn new contacts. I feel like I got socked in the eye.

I got all that running done and had all the stuff home and put away by noon. I was pretty pleased with that. I opened the box to look at my vacuum packed wedding dress. I stood there laughing, as I wouldn't be able to zip the damn thing now. I wonder if Daughter will want to wear it when she gets married...??? *sigh*

Well, I'm going to check to make sure Daughter's blankies are dry so I can tuck her in for a nap. Maybe I can sneak off the to library while she and Husband are napping.

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