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June 24, 2005

No. More. DRIVING!

I got home from taking Son up to my mother's shortly after 5 p.m. We managed to get out of here at about 10 minutes to 8 this morning (ahead of schedule) and made good time. Daughter and I hung out for a couple hours, then turned around to trek home. I left Son watching "Return of the Jedi," while my mom scratched her head over it, asking me "Who was that, who was that? What is the point of this???"

She's about to have a Star Wars weekend...

I was able to listen to a lot of talk radio today, including Hannity, who I almost never listen to anymore, and he had a clip from the Today show, the one with Matt Lauer and Tom Asshat Cruise. I only heard a small clip, but Cruise came off like an arrogant S.O.B. I don't approve over over- medicating or anything like that, but post-partum depression is a major thing, and if Paxil helped Brooke Shields, well fine. Exercise and vitamins helped me, but I wasn't really bad.

Okay, Tom Cruise, despite what you think, you are not a psychiatrist, you are an assape actor. You're short and not even good looking. You're a goober who shot to stardom in a movie about screwing a whore. Uh-huh...

But I don't feel like getting into any discussions tonight. I'm really tired after all that driving. The truck is making that noise again...any mechanically inclined readers can feel free to dispense auto advice.

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