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June 21, 2005

Lose that guiltin' feelin'

I called my Mum this morning to tell her about Son not wanting to do those swim lessons anymore. She immediately says "Did someone say something to him?"

"No, Mom. It just looks like he's so afraid of..." blahblahblah... And really, can someone out there explain why I felt so bad about his choice?

I told her what Husband had said, that Son gets all excited and wound up over something, only to lose interest a couple days later. Well, he is a kid after all. Husband also said "This is why I don't want to get a pet now, he'll lose interest and all that."

To which my mother replies "Well, you and XXX aren't so great with pets yourselves!" (She's referring to a cat Husband and I had eons ago.)

Dammit Mother, why why WHY do you have to do that? Just pour that guilt on, in your scornful tone of voice, make me feel like a real piece of poo...

Ugh. As if I wasn't beating myself up enough this morning, she has to suckerpunch me in the gut. That woman! The same woman, loving mother that she is, who responded with "Oh shit!" when I told her I was pregnant with Daughter.

Uh-huh, supportive woman, don't you think?

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