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June 15, 2005

Remember this?

The only reason I have this picture here today is because of that show "When Star Wars Ruled the World." Son, who can now read very well, saw this title on the on-screen guide for the satellite yesterday and demanded that we watch it...again. So we did, for the umpteenth time, and when the discussion on the program moved to the hype and mania that ensued after the release of the movie, this magazine cover was shown.

Now folks, I had this magazine, but not because of Chewbacca. Shaun Cassidy was my eye candy of choice back then...da doo run run...

What? You don't remember Shaun Cassidy? One of the "Hardy Boys?" Singer? Brother of David Cassidy of "Partridge Family" fame? Oh people...

Rest assured, Mr. Cassidy will not be showing up for "Hot Guy Friday."

I'm a late arrival to this "Star Wars" party, so to speak. Really, I've said it before, I never even saw any of the movies until I started dating Husband and didn't really get into the whole story until a short time ago. So it was only natural that I would toss aside anything SW related for Shaun Cassidy all those years ago.

I only put this up because I was giggling over it all night. Our electricity went out and there wasn't too much else I could do...

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