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June 14, 2005

Various things today

It's Flag Day, so make sure your flag is flying high today.

I was reminded about today when I read an article in the Erie paper about a Civil War reenacting unit and how their passion was recreating the flag that the regiment they portray had carried into battles. That's a fine idea, one that a lot of CW units have and manage to do. It can be expensive and time consuming, though.

It was sort of funny that I found that article, as last night as Husband was closing windows said "It's perfect reenacting weather." Hmmm....maybe so...I have found myself seized with the desire to go put on my hoop skirts lately. *sigh*


About that whole Michael Jackson thing...well, I guess we can't throw the man in jail because he's a freak, that would be wrong and we would have someone like, say, the ACLU on our case for some reason or another.

The accuser's mother was "despised" by the jurors, I read somewhere this morning. Okay, I didn't follow the trial, haven't read any of the articles that have come out since yesterday, I don't really care. I used to like MJ when he was a black man, now he's just creepy.

But go ahead, mothers, send your kids to Neverland! Uh huh...nothing wrong with a 40 something year old man to want to be surrrounded by young boys. Yep. Eeeeewwwww...


In reading the Grrr's this morning (I'm not going to link to those today) I see that Straka is happy for Cruise and Holmes... Okay, while I'm glad Tom Cruise is happy and all that, and can "be himself," whatever that means, it is a bit weird to have this man jumping all over the place grinning like a jackass...and did I actually read that he said the word "digs" as in "she digs it" somewhere?

Okay, so Katie Holmes is "converting" to Scientology. Converting isn't so off the wall, people convert to Catholicism or Judaism. Heck, I even gave up being a Lutheran because Husband didn't like it, so I guess it isn't so weird that Holmes is embracing Cruise's religion. It's just the whole concept of Scientology that creeps me out.

I know, there are those of you out there who will tell me that mainstream religions are a "cult," but this is a bit sudden.

Oh well, what do I know anyway, right? And for the record, when Husband and I got together I wasn't hopping all over like a fool. I don't think I even did that when we got engaged...I was sort of drunk at the time...

AND...Straka briefly addresses the whole "Brangelina" crap thing. Really, who else is sick of this whole name thing anyway?

Well, got to run, as I have to run Son up to his doctor's appointment today.

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