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June 12, 2005

Sunday morning

We got back from our "whirlwind" trip to Erie yesterday, tired and worn out. It was so hot and humid and the kids played outside most of the time, which was good, but they were a bit soggy for their troubles.

It was a good trip, I have to admit. I got a nice sunburn on my right side, as I hung out the window of the truck just for that purpose. Now, though, I look kind of stupid, half white half red. Oh well.

Son wanted to stay with the in-laws, which was a shock to Husband and me because normally Son doesn't want to even visit, let alone stay overnight. Husband, Daughter, and I went to our hotel room, which was cheap and looked it. It was a smoking room, therefore everything we had reeked from cigarette smoke...but then, one gets what they pay for, right? It was just a place to shower and sleep, which was about all we were there for.

I even, gulp, drove past my old house while dropping off some baby stuff for a friend of mine. You know what? It was just a house, know what I mean? I felt nothing. I also, on the way out, got behind another SUV with multiple anti-Bush stickers...nasty ones. I passed that guy, but I didn't do anything else. I "took the high road," as it were, and just kept on my way. *sigh* I can't teach algebra to pigs, I'm not even going to try.

In all, it was a good trip in that we, the little family unit, got to spend some time together, talk, laugh...that whole Brady Bunch bit. I did, however, have a great conversation with Husband, and even hit my brother-in-law with some political stuff he didn't know. Thank you fellow bloggers for the info.

And, oh yeah, I bragged about the 'blog, which none of them knew about. I wouldn't put it past certain in-laws to get their nose in here, and if you're anyone in Husband's family who reads this, you know who I mean.

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