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June 07, 2005

Going down a new path; notes to self

Oh I've done it now! I've started down a totally new path, and I don't know just why I'm going this way!

I'm becoming a...(gasp!)... Star Wars fan!

I don't know how this happened. I don't even like science fiction all that much, but dammit, I'm hooked. I even bought a book this morning: "Labyrinth of Evil," which is the prequel to "Sith." Just wait, wait....in a few weeks I'll be on a rampage for all the Star Wars books.

It's my somewhat addictive personality, but I also like a good story, and this is a great one. And better to be addicted to books and reading than something else.

Oh yeah, and I popped in the very first Star Wars this afternoon. The 1977 release too, not the remastered one. (Once again, thanks to my father for buying all those movies on video.)

And DAMMIT I CRIED AGAIN! I'm such a sap. Well, hell, I couldn't help it. There's Vader and Obi-Wan...but I did sit there and say over and over "Dammit Vader! Your kids are right in front of you. Feel the force, huh?"

Yeah, I know, get a life.


Note to self: don't send anymore emails you think are funny to fomer aquaintances now living overseas. You'll get nothing but rambling blah blah blah for your troubles.

Sheesh, said aquaintance should have just stayed with the break dancing.

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