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June 07, 2005

Crossed the line again...

So, I found this photo out there, maybe you've seen it. It's a shot of a KFC sign with a "Hillary Special." (If I could figure out where the heck my Hello stuff went so I could post pictures I'd post the picture here, but go check out this blog because he has it over there and posted it yesterday.)

Anyway, I thought it was funny and so forwarded that picture on to some friends of mine, and just happened to include a very Liberal aquaintance on the mailing list. He then replied to me to tell me to remove him from my mailing list.

Okay. Maybe he doesn't like attachments on emails, what with viruses and all that. Perhaps that picture, however innocent I may have thought it was, pissed him off. I don't know. My feelings aren't hurt, I'm not mad, if he doesn't want to get email from me, that's fine, I took him out of my address book completely.

Why am I mentioning this? Well, I don't like to piss anyone off. I thought that photo was kind of funny...and aren't we constantly seeing cartoons and what not poking fun and sarcasm at Bush and his administration?

Regardless of my innocent and humorous intent, sorry if that pic I emailed pissed anyone off. I don't have viruses either, believe me, I scan constantly.

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