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June 02, 2005

Mutterings and Hissings

I don't have to be up this early. School's out for summer (ala Alice Cooper today) so I don't have to hustle Son out of bed for the usual morning routine...not until August 25. Yes people, I've started a countdown of my own. It's not that I don't love Son and love having him around, but now I've got both kids, all day every day, and it's a long two weeks until swimming starts. Good thing I scheduled all the check-ups for the next couple weeks, all that running around will keep us busy. And I've got to run some stuff up to the church today for VBS.

So, last night we took Son out for a treat, dinner wherever he wanted to go. He picked Burper King, so that's where we went after we stopped at the garden center for some seeds. Daughter got away from me there, and instead of wreaking havoc, she stood in front of the radio shaking her little diapered butt to a Lonestar song.

We hit Burper King, burped, and then went for a ride. Husband wanted to use his GPS thingahootch, so we meandered around some back roads and what not. As we were puttering along some side streets I noticed a car with a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on it.

"Look at that!" I hissed to Husband, wishing I had my Goo Gone and a razor blade to remove that sticker from that Buick.

"Oh, well," Husband said.

That was the extent of that conversation. But let the record show that I never put any Bush/Cheney stickers on my SUV. Not only would I face vandalism (my paranoia creeping in) but hey, we could have lost, we didn't, but we could have, and then my vehicle would be the one hissed about. Egg on my face and all that.


I emailed some of my "hass skrewl" friends about starting a blog for our class. I've seen other blogs like that, and I thought that would be a great way to keep in touch, and it's FREE, unlike Classmates. com, which one has to pay in order to send emails and stuff like that. I got one reply, basically "I'd read it, but no one would want to hear from me."

Folks, that's the prevailing attitude of most of the class of 1988, and I'll be damned if I'll start another blog up only to have to maintain it myself. I already have a blog, see? I don't really want another one. And I wasn't class prez, I wasn't even on senior class council! (My first election defeat...didn't know how to steal those elections back then...)

I also told them when the class of 1980's reunion is going to be (my sister's class) so they could crash. I said "You'd better crash, as that's the only way you'll get any clas reunions."

Suffice to say, our class was so apathetic and shortsighted. Collectively we just don't care, I guess, and since I helped out so much with the 15 year reunion I'm NOT going to help out anymore. No one is happy, someone is always bitching about this or that...

Oh wait, sounds a little like blogging, huh? Just kidding.

Damn Burper King. I woke up with an upset stomach. (burp)

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