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June 01, 2005

I'm pretty damn lucky

Today is Son's last day of Kindergarten. Yesterday his Scooby backpack was stuffed full of school things, like his art shirt, workbooks, and extra worksheets so he can "play school" over the summer. His teacher had given each student "Kindergarten Certificates" which were really cute, and she'd rolled them up and tied like a diploma. She also included a little "review" packet of stuff the kids should keep up on over the summer. She had a little "Teacher's Farewell" poem in there too, and yours truly read that and started bawling.

I can't believe Kindergarten is over! It went so fast...before I know it I'll be watching him graduate high school...and Daughter isn't too far behind.

Sitting here, watching that little girl in Peru have the operation on her legs (by the way, they couldn't have sedated her a little before clamping that mask on her face?) and seeing ads for the Children's Miracle Network made me realize how lucky I am. My kids are great, beautiful and healthy, and Husband is still in the States.

I know it's only June 1, but I'm pretty thankful anyway.

Okay, I didn't get all moany and groany last night, so I did it this morning. I'll move on to other things later.

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