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May 26, 2005

Goin' to Skrewl

I'm taking Son to Skrewl this morning (four days and counting!!!) because the candles are in.

His Elementary school, in yet another attempt to raise money (at times I just wish they'd raise my taxes...) held a candle sale. You know, scented candles in glass "canning" jars...think Yankee Candles but not that brand. Anyhoo, as per usual, students get prizes for what ever dollar level they sell (which my Mother calls extortion [sp?]). While I managed to get enough donations for Son to get all the prizes for the Relay for Life, sadly, we couldn't sell $1001 worth of candles to get him a DVD player. (Anyway, the kid is 5...)

I got a call from the school yesterday telling me the candles are in, but they're too heavy for Son to carry on the bus, and could I come get them? Sure, I say, no problem. I knew this was coming and really have no problem with this. BUT!! People, people, PEOPLE! These are Elementary kids, these candles are in glass jars...how in the hell did the "powers that be" think those candles were going anywhere? They should have said something like "Be prepared to pick these up at the school, they're too heavy to carry on the bus." Something like that.

Sheesh. And this is only the beginning, folks. Twelve years for Son, and Daughter hasn't even started school yet. Really, just raise my damn taxes and quit sending home candy bars, candles, blah blah blah...

Although, dear readers, steady yourselves for my prostitution of said items in the school years to come.

Hey, sugar! Wanna buy a candle???

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