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May 25, 2005

What's in a name?

Well, not what certain others think. My "pimp," as it were, speculated in his post yesterday as to what the name of my blog means. Generally when I look at myself in the mirror I'm not singing...usually I'm screaming "My God you've gotten fat!"

But I'm not casting sarcasm out on my fellow blogger, I just figured he wasn't a big fan of "Gone with the Wind."

Remember how Scarlett said "fiddle dee dee" all the time? For the time period, and if I'm grasping context correctly, this was a ladylike way to say, for example "Shut up" or "Oh, you're so full of it." But what I really get is that she's saying "I hear you, I get it, I'll think about it tomorrow." Thus the name of this blog.

I hear you, I get it, I'm thinking about, and I'll be thinking about it tomorrow!

(Note: that picture I use is not me. It's Vivien Leigh!)

Scarlett had a brain and she used it, even though at the time she wasn't supposed to act like she really knew what was going on. My suggestion, for a bit of "light" summer reading, is to check GWTW out of the library and give it a going through. I much prefer the book to the movie...although, admittedly, I've read the book so many times I've lost count, and have seen the movie upwards of 25 times.

Yes, I know "Get a life, Vic."

Oh, and the "Groovy" thing? Well, I've always thought that word, "groovy," was, well, groovy, and I grew up on Brady Bunch re-runs...so you can blame it on Greg Brady. ("Johnny Bravo!")

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