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May 20, 2005

"Tightie Whities"

Okay, what JACKASS decided it was okay to take pictures of Saddam Hussein and then "leak" them to the press? Haven't we learned from Abu Ghraib? Eeesh.

Imagine my shock when that picture of Saddam was the first thing I saw on the Today show this morning. What sick ass decided that would be of interest to anyone?

I'm not defending Saddam, but come on people. What's next, nude photos of Osama? I don't really care if Saddam has to rinse out his "grubby" clothes, or if he sleeps or not, and I really don't care to see his undies. I'm not even going to "go there" as far as what was IN that underwear shot. Uck...some things need to remain a mystery. At least give that man a smidge of dignity...just a BIT.

My GAWD people, everyone gets stirred up over Bolton making the U.S. look bad, what about these pin head morons who take pictures of prisoners in less than attractive situations?

Look, I love our military and admire them, but get smart folks. Much more garbage like this and we just may as well close up shop on this whole thing.

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