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May 20, 2005


I was finally able to post my comment over at that other site last night. All for naught, as it turns out; I was told by my friend over there that no one would probably read it...something about the diary scrolling out or some such. Dammit! I spent time thinking about a response, even sat down with Word to put something down so that all I had to do was copy and paste. Not to toot my own horn here, but I thought I sounded pretty rational, maybe a dash sarcastic, but in all I would say it came out reasonable and not moronic. Oh well.

I admit to reading some stuff out there on the Left. I guess namecalling, or nicknames (to be fair) aren't limited to one side. "DryDrunk FratBoy" meaning Bush, and "Wingnuts" apparently the Right, but in fairness that one could go either way, are just two of the names I saw out there. I wasn't upset or anything, it's par for the course, but this makes me wonder even more how on earth anyone is going to get anything done if both sides don't calm down and, well, shut up long enought to do anything. I mentioned leaving this "legacy," if you will, for our kids. I was afraid to put a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on my SUV (as if I don't open myself up enough to road rage), what does this mean for our kids?

Interestingly enough, my online friend said, to summarize and paraphrase, that this all started with Nixon. Okay, that's before my time (I can only remember as far back as Ford), but hmm...convenient scapegoat, don't you think? And LBJ had nothing to do with sending more troops to Vietnam. Hmmmm....

Shut up, Vic, all you think you know is from watching the History channel.

Ah, but, oh ever wise conscience, Husband was a history major, he was. (Shades of Yoda there...) That means we discuss a lot. A LOT!!


One of my frequent readers commented about my blog roll and thanked me for putting him there. (You're welcome, B!) He said he isn't just anti-Bush but anti-ignorance as well. Good point, "good on 'ya mate!" as it were. I too cannot abide ignorance and being spoon fed by the media, whether that media be Left or Right, hence my open mind and annoying questions. It occurs to me, though, that B may call me ignorant because I'm a card carrying Conservative. I'm not saying he did, just wondering. The same could be said of anyone who's views are different, and I'm sure people really have called me ignorant and meant it.


For shits and giggles I tuned into the last half hour of "The Apprentice" last night. I knew I'd be going to bed soon anyway, but was curious about who would win. I haven't watched that show since the first season, so when I tuned in I wasn't happy with what I saw. I didn't like that whole live audience thing. That Tana, or whatever her name is, kept "whoo whooping" and pumping her fist, ala Arsenio. Inapproriate, I thought. And a band? Ugh, I did NOT need to see Omarosa grooving. But, that's all I have to say about that, like I said before, I haven't been watching that show at all. And I didn't feel like staying up to watch "Carter's departure" on ER. I was once a big fan of that show, but somehow it's just all gone down the pooper for me.


I woke up at 5:15 this morning after having a really bad dream. I won't go into details, but I'll just throw this out: anyone remember BillyClyde Tuggle from "All My Children?" (That character goes waaaaaaaaaay back.) Suffice to say, it was something like that. It really shook me up. But I am awake now!!! And it was a bad dream, nothing more.


Husband will be home today, HUZZAH!! Hopefully the weather will improve a bit so we can take the kids to a nearby park to play. They were really good this last week, and they deserve it. Even Daughter is getting used to her ear plugs at bath time. She's going to have to, but still... I just hope I got those little buggers in her ears properly!

FOX ALERT! Of the animal kind, that is. Last night I saw yet another fox around the back of the house/deck area. This was a smaller fox, not as much red on him as on the other one. Cute little stinker...

Well, I believe I'll go watch the local weather and enjoy a big, hot cup of coffee before the kids wake up.

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