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May 19, 2005

Commenting on other opinion sites

Thanks to a new online friend, I'm about to post a comment on a rather, ahem, well, NOT Republican site. Yeah, I know, liberals, anti-Bush folks, all that. I've seen what's over there, but I still want to address a couple things. I'm not going to pick a fight or rant, I've learned a lesson. But here's the thing...

In order to post a comment, one has to register a username. Okay, did that. THEN one has to wait 24 hours to even post a comment. Okay, so when I got into the FAQ's I read that this is put in place to prevent someone from posting inflammatory remarks...picking fights.

Hmmmm...nice if we Republicans could be afforded that same consideration.

I'M NOT TRYING TO ANTAGONIZE! I'm just sayin'....

Great Jumping Jehosophat people! It never seems to end.

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