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May 19, 2005


Thinking back on that last post of mine, the one about commenting over at a Liberal site, a wave of exhaustion just flowed over me.

When I read some of the things over there, I was antsy to post comments. Not to be a jerk, but to sort of explain, if you will, where I'm coming from on a few things. So, I found out about the waiting period and thought "Oh, that's good, because I want to make sure my comment is well structured, thought out, and doesn't make me sound totally moronic...as opposed to the semi-moronic like normal."

Anyhoo, this afternoon, when I still couldn't post a comment, I just said to myself "Oh for crap's sake. To hell with it, I'm tired of thinking about it."

I'm also just plan, flat out tired, but I've gone over and over what I'd say, I got all pumped up and ready to go, feeling like "GIT-R-DONE!" and then pffffftt.... Nothin'.

Really, at this point I don't even feel like defending my position or anything. And that has nothing to do with anything other than sheer tiredness.

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