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May 18, 2005

The News

Or, more specifically, what we see on the news.

Mike Straka wants to "celebrate a little good news around here..." citing that all we hear are stories about Marines being killed, little kids being murdered or sexually molested...

But then I turn to the editor's page in Vanity Fair (I'm sorry, I cannot remember the man's name right now) and he's discussing how Iraq is a "forgotten war."

[Yes, I know, this man does not really like the Bush administration, but hey, I'm trying to be mature here and listen, remember?]

The VF editor goes on to say that updates and/or stories about Iraq are usually buried on back pages of newspapers and appear after health updates on, say, NBC Nightly News. (At which I, as a viewer of said news broadcasts, think "My gosh, he's right!") Another good point is that we on the Right re-elected Bush because of national security, terrorism, and the like. But what does he focus on? Social Security reform.

And furthermore, what does the Senate focus on? Steroid use.

Now, this man has his eye on the ball here. Think about it! I've been reading, with some interest I might add, a blog by someone who'd slammed me in the past, but this person is angry about Iraq, seemingly frustrated with the Right, worried about a friend currently in Iraq. I commented on this person's blog yesterday, telling her that I completely understand her anger. Politics aside, we're pretty much on the same side, so to speak, when it comes to loved ones and their welfare. I didn't want to get all "theocratic" on her, but I have included her friend in my prayers.

Not hokey, folks, human.

My point is, after reading just a few articles and opinions from the Left, my political views haven't changed, but my eyes are opened up. I have questioned why there is so much bitterness and anger, tried to understand, and frankly was getting nowhere with the likes of Sean Hannity. I wanted to understand, and I think I'm starting to.

The aforementioned blog also said the we are being "duped" by the media. Are we? Or have we, with our "MTV attention spans" put the war in Iraq on a back burner to focus on Michael Jackson and runaway brides?

I do not mean to say that child murder and molestation aren't very important issues, but what are we not hearing? And why don't we want to hear it?

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