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May 17, 2005

Celebrity Feuds and Plastic Surgery

Husband is out of town for the week, so this means that once the kids are in bed, the TV is mine. I curled up and got ready for some quality vegetation time. After maxing out on "Friends" reruns (remember, I'm an Aniston fan...and mmmmmm, David Schwimmer!), I switched over to see what was on VH1. I caught the last half hour of "Most Awesome Celebrity Beefs," and tuned in just in time to see something about Jon Stewart and Tucker Carlson.

Now, I don't watch CNN, I don't know exactly what the deal was with Stewart and Carlson, so if any of you can fill me in, please do. I had a beef, however, with Tucker's attire.

Nevermind the name, but a bow tie? That worked for Sen. Paul Simon and, oh, Orville Redenbacher, but you're my age, man! Your not bad to look at, so get your hair trimmed and find some nice ties! No wonder Jon Stewart railed on you.

Also mentioned was the George Clooney/Bill O'Reilly thing. Now, I think it's great that "celebrities" care and want to help out when things get bad, so what is O'Reilly getting wound up about? Once again, not fully clued in on exactly what the issues were, but I'd like to go on record here to say I'm NOT a Bill O'Reilly fan, and not really a Clooney fan either.

Oh sure, I liked Clooney's smarmy grin, but he's become one of those "angry, activist" Hollywood types, the ones that act like "Oh, look at me! I'm famous! Listen to me!"

What I wouldn't give for the days of the likes of Wayne, Gable...those classics.

So, I switched over to E!, because I kept seeing promos for "Dr. 90210" and wanted to see what the fuss is about. The "ick" factor wasn't cranked too high, I mean, I've seen worse on Discovery Health Channel (like "160 lb. Tumor"), but some of it made me screw my eyes shut. I'm not getting plastic surgery anytime soon, either.

I know, "Watch something substantial, Vic!" Well, the headache was back in full force, and I just wanted to "lay like broccoli" and not get too deep into anything.

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