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May 12, 2005


So, if I read another person's comment on their blog correctly, I have no sense of humor. Okay, that's a newsflash. MOVING ON.

Anyone who's read my previous posts knows I tend to shoot my mouth off without thinking. I had yet another person find fault with a stupid comment I made. In essence, I made a dumb remark about certain females in D.C., and am now being accused of spewing "hate speech." And when I admitted it was a dumb comment, I was told my owning up to it was "lame."

I certainly hope that the person who made those remarks, and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, visits this blog. Yes, I made a stupid ass comment about throwing darts at pics of Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer. Do I hate them? I don't even know them. I also said I threw darts at Osama bin Laden's picture after 9/11. Now really, was I the only one?

North Koreans were pictured aiming a toy gun, or something to that effect, at a picture of George Bush. Now, tell me there aren't a few Liberals and Democrats in this country who don't do the same thing. I said, basically, that now my Kindergartener could shoot darts at the above mentioned women.

How in the hell is that hate speech. And underlying grievances. GIVE ME A SMALL BREAK, DIRK. You want to talk about grievances? How about the seeming "I'm taking my ball and going home" attitude of the Democrats since the last election?

I am so damn sick and tired of the Left saying what ever the hell they want and getting away with it (hello, Harry Reid and his "loser" comment). I'm so sick and tired of taking heat for comments that are my opinion alone in a public forum for Pete's sake.

Hate speech indeed. What I said is absolutely nothing compared to some of the other stuff I see out there.

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