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May 12, 2005

Tubes are in

Daughter got her ear tubes this morning, and was home by 10:30 this morning. It wasn't as bad as my overactive imagination thought it was going to be. I got there with Daughter, and she got all prepped; by the time Husband arrived Daughter was getting a bit "happy" on the sedative she'd been given. At least she was happy, and never made a peep the entire time. That was until she came out from the anastth...anasazi...the sleepy stuff, you know what I mean.

I heard Daughter before I saw her, and a nurse was holding her and trying to calm her down and get her to open her eyes. I recognized this from all those years ago when I'd gotten surgery, I kicked and screamed when I was coming out of it. So, I wasn't shocked or upset, merely trying to keep Daughter from pitching herself around and hurting herself. She's a strong kid, I'll say that.

Anyway, Husband helped get her in the truck, and by the time we got home she'd calmed down. She was still a bit woozy and wobbly on her feet, but she was eating. I had to run up to get her scrip filled, so Husband stayed with her and kept her happy. She ate two bananas and some Cheerios.

Now I'm just glad that's over with. Daughter came out fine, and she seems happy now.

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