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May 11, 2005

It's happening...

So, the surgery center did call this morning, Daughter is going to get those tubes tomorrow. I have to have her up there at 7:45 tomorrow morning. Husband will get Son up and off to school and then meet me there.

I feel, well, I don't feel as wound up as I was before. I'm confessing here and now that my biggest fears are that Daughter will have the same kind of reaction to the anasht...ansatiz...oh hell, being "put to sleep" that I had way back in 1988. I was sick, massively sick, for hours. Daughter is just a baby, well 20 months, and I don't want that happening to her. I also fear that she'll be scared. I know, be brave for her, but still. I could be barking at shadows here, I mean, she's so interested in everything that she may act like she does at the pediatrician's office...into anything she can reach.

But we'll see. I know this is best for her, that pumping all those antibiotics into her was becoming moot. I don't like pumping crap into my own body, why would I do that to my kids?

I'll keep any interested parties updated on this one. Think of me tomorrow, willya??

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