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May 11, 2005

Waiting for the phone to ring

As tomorrow is supposed to be the day Daughter gets those ear tubes (come on, insurance, do it this time), I'm waiting for the surgery center to call to give us a time. Since we live in the boonies, we only have one phone line. So, when someone calls, they just hear ringringringringring if anyone is on the Internet. (And no, I won't get CallWave. I had it once, then they tried to get me to pay for it...I said NO.)

So, it will be a great exercise in restraint for me to stay off the computer today. Well, that's fine, since it looks like it will be a great day. I make an effort to turn off the TV these days (hence my lack of knowledge about anything really important) and enjoy the day.

But, I'm a bit panicky. What if we have a repeat performance of last week? What if the doc's office calls and says they're having problems with the insurance again? If they even try to claim they couldn't get in touch with me I will scream. For the past two days I haven't gotten on the computer during business hours just to keep the phone line open.

What a load of crap.

I haven't hung over a phone like this since I was a teenager. It's pathetic. What really bites is that we don't have a faster Internet connection, but that's a gripe for another time. I don't know what I would do if we had faster connection speeds. What, not have to wait and wait and wait and wait for a page to load? Imagine that.

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