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May 02, 2005

Taking flak

Amazing. Simply amazing. I've been at this blog thing for like, two weeks, venting frustrations about such things as homosexuality and the Liberal Democrats, and what do I get a snotty comment about? An admittedly dumb ass statement about a local anchor man. Come on, people, let's FOCUS here on something worth getting pissy about.

This commenter said I sounded like a third grader. Well, thanks, that makes me feel a lot better, considering I'm 35. For crap's sake anyway.

If I sat here and wrote out that homosexuals don't deserve civil rights, would anyone say anything? If I sat here and said I think Michael Jackson is a freakin' weirdo that should be castrated, would an MJ fan get all in my face?

Also worth mentioning is that this comment came from another Republican, at least that's what the name was. Hmmmm, now I'm getting picked on by my own kind? I give up, really. I shall play the martyr here, wear my hairshirt and speak only of my children's bowel movements and how I just can't get my kitchen floors sparklin' clean. Apparently my sense of warped humor does not translate into written form.

So, would you like to hear about the FOOT LONG TURD my five year old son produced on Saturday? It was big, it was stinky, it was a TURD.

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