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April 29, 2005

Parent lunch

I just got back a bit ago from the Kindergarten Parent Lunch. This is where the parents of their Kindergarten kids go have lunch, in the cafeteria, with their kids. I went alone, as husband stayed home with daughter. I have to say, I'm glad I went.

The food itself was, well, cafeteria food, and I'm sorry to see it hasn't changed much since I was in school. But I managed to sit with another mother who I'd talked to before, and we had a good time. My son was really excited to show me the chicks and tadpoles in his classroom, and I met a couple other parents then too.

I hate to think of those kids that didn't have parents come. That makes me feel bad, but at the same time really thankful that I can attend that stuff. Not only that, but my son was invited over to play at another kid's house this summer. Not bad!

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