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April 29, 2005

Television programs

So I'm sitting here, blog surfing, and a commercial comes on the Disney channel for something called the Doodlebops. Now, I just put that on so my daughter could watch Book of Pooh, for a change, and this bizarre trio appears on the telly. I called husband over to see this, and I had to crank the volume up to be heard over "You Oughta Know" by that ever bitter Alanis Morriss-blahblahblahblah uber-angry chick. Why husband was blasting this song I may never know. I hate that song. Get over it, Alanis!

There are three people all dressed up like a bad acid trip, singing, and dancing around, goofing off all "madcap" crap. I Googled this bunch, and they're from Canada! Okay, that explains it.

Now really, first it was Barney, which wouldn't be bad if it wasn't for those ever perky kids, and then Teletubbies and BooBah. I don't get it, do these television people want our kids to be retarded? Have you ever watched, for instance, the Teletubbies? I have, (I make it a rule to know what my kids are watching) and what is the deal with the fart noises all the time? Not that my kids don't hear those sounds in their own home, but come on!

And for the record, I don't think Tinky-Winky is gay. That was a dumb theory, nor do I think SpongeBob is gay, another off thought.

Like I said, I always know what my kids watch. For the most part it's usually PBSKids, Noggin, Disney channel. Sometimes Animal Planet, if Jeff Corwin is on (we have now banned Steve Irwin because he's an ass), or the classic movie channels. The worst they may see is the evening news! These days we're so busy playing Need for Speed...

Does that mean my kids will grow up to be bad drivers???

Back to my original thought, what is the deal anyway? I have noticed a shift toward getting kids off their butts and moving around, that's good, and healthy eating, even better...although I disagree with taking the cookies away from Cookie Monster. That's like making Kermit the Frog pink or something. I'm all for manners and brushing teeth, the hygiene lessons, but the presentations sometimes lead me to scratch my head. Barney is basically a good show, just too damn perky for me, and I CANNOT stand that Jay-Jay the Jet Plane. The first time my son saw that show he screamed in horror. Really.

Where is the Electric Company? Remember that show? Morgan Freeman was the Easy Reader. I loved that show. And yeah, Mr. Rogers is an excellent program. I cried when he died.

I have no life if all I have to bitch about are kid shows.

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