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April 29, 2005


Interesting, don't you think, that since the story of the five year old girl that was handcuffed in FL, there were at least half a dozen stories of similar events in the area where I live. I was a bit surprised, I mean, is it copycat stuff or are there some real problems around here?

Parents at one school were interviewed and what most of them said was that the teachers can't discipline the students the way they used to. That, I have to say, is the damn truth. When I was in school, corporal punishment was still the norm and accepted. By the time I got into student teaching, paddles were considered non-p.c.

The whole discipline thing is why neither my husband or I want to teach. Well, that and the fact that in order to get a teaching job one has to practically give head to whomever will get you farthest. And I'm not fond of giving blow jobs!

Anyway, I've heard stories from other teachers who have had students come right out and say "So what, you can't touch me." Damn defiant brats.

I don't know as I'd be so thrilled if one of my kids was handcuffed...I do think that teachers should be shown how to restrain kids though. What if that little girl in FL had really hurt someone? Wasn't she considered a danger to herself and others? One of the kids in this area actually ran out of the school and into traffic before the cops could catch him and cuff him. Two girls beat the piss out of there own brother on the bus!

I ask you, just how p.c. are we going to get? I am NOT going to start in on any speculation about stay-at-home parents vs. working parents. What I will say is that somewhere in this whole mystery of parenthood, we MUST take responsibility for our kids' behavior. I firmly believe that we are the ones who need to take our own children in hand and teach them right from wrong, civility, and tolerance. Yes, tolerance, be it for a person of color or homosexuality or any kind of difference.

Now, as to the homosexuality thing, I have known two gay men thus far in my life. I considered one to be a good friend, and he did great things with my hair. I told him "I don't want to know what you do in your bedroom anymore than you want to know what I do in mine." He agreed, and we agreed that we both LOVE men. But, okay, I'm conservative. But this guy was a human first, gay second, at least in my eyes. I know homosexuality is morally wrong, but this guy was a good person, gay second. See where my confusion lies? I say confusion for lack of a better word at this moment.

I don't approve of the way "gay marriage" has been shoved down our throats. As to the marriage amendment, I think that in the area I live in, at least, that was not the thing most voters were worried about.

Does this make me a homophobic bigot? Well, I read another blog yesterday (by a conservative in Berkley CA...go figure) and I agreed with what that person had to say, and that person was called a homophobic bigot. So does that make me one?

Do I let me kids watch "Queer Eye?" No. I don't want my kids to think that being gay is some great thing and oh let's try it. I don't have a problem with homosexuals!

But I guess I'm now a hypocritical, homophobic, ignorant bigot. Right?

Dammit, I'm a mother first, though.

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