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April 28, 2005


I don't really give a crap about what you say, or what you drive, or, dare I say it, what Jesus would drive...I LOVE MY SUV!!

My husband, who so nicely just changed my oil, backed it out of the way and it is right now where I can see it. I can sit on my couch, look out the picture window, and gaze adoringly on my big, red, Chevy Tahoe. I love that damn thing; it's the first vehicle that's ALL MINE, and it's paid for.

And it isn't one of those rounded, turd-looking newer Chevys either. All nice and squared off. Ahhh, my red right-wing truck.

So what if the price of gas prohibits actually driving it? It's MINE goddammit! All you environmental greenie weinies can kiss my big, white, overly dimpled bum!

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