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April 26, 2005

Marriage n' Stuff

This guy I know who lives over in London just got back from his honeymoon. I know this because he emailed me yesterday to tell me that. Apparently he got married the same day Charles and Camilla did. How do I know this? While I was watching that parade of hats I emailed this guy and asked if he was caught up in all that hubbub. I guess he wasn't, he was off in Germany or whatever castle in whatever European country getting married.

Well, good luck to him. Misery loves company, so welcome to the club! Just kidding.

I just got done reading Mike Straka on the Fox News site. Once again he hit it right on the head. He's "grrrr-ing" about Paris Hilton. Really, why the hell have we put that little whooooore up on a pedestal? She goes to parties for a living, for crying out loud, and all that ever comes out of her mouth is "that's hot." Oh, you scholar, you. She's way too skinny...ugh.

I was reading in "US" magazine yesterday (yes, I get that mag, so what? I'm not perfect) and at what ever party that magazine held Paris Hilton and Kim Stewart were saying "Ewwww" when they walked past Hilary Duff. Now, first of all, I don't care, but secondly, how sixth grade is this behavior? What's next, cooties?

I can't understand WHY this person is so highly regarded. She made a PORNO for Pete's sake, and let's face it, there can't have been much there to jiggle. Oh yes, I've seen porn, quite a bit.

One of Jacko's attorneys was fired. Oh boo frikkin' hoo. MOVING ON!

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been paying much attention to national and world events, with the possible exception of knowing that those two toddlers in GA were found...dead. What sick bastard did that?

And on the local side, a registered sex offender had to move because he was living too close to an elementary school. Sick bastard!

Bastards! I do not understand the sick mind, I guess. People like this are making life for us regular parents rather stressful. Kids can't go to the restroom alone, for fear of possible molestation. I'm afraid to let my kids wait for the bus alone (when they're much older, of course) because who knows what could happen.

I hate this. I hate what this country is becoming. Paris Hilton is practically a damn role model for young girls, sick assholes are molesting and killing children. Michael Jackson is somehow allowed to be believed "not guilty" by gullible masses. Face it, people, he's a damn freak!

And somehow, I still hear the Left bitching and griping about the moral platform Bush ran on. Uh huh, okay.

Oh yeah, I heard Rush talking yesterday about what a "diva" Katie Couric has become. She's nasty to co-workers! Oooooooooohhhh noooooooooo. She's another damn Leftie anyway, who cares.

Rush raised another very good point, that being the next Democratic candidate for President. That person better hope they never yelled at anybody, or that will be brought up in the campaign, ala John Bolton. True, so true. Especially if that dreaded bitch Clinton gets the nomination. We all know she's blown her fuse a few times, huh? But, hey, fair is fair, right?

And now I see on the local news that I can't by Sudafed at Wal-Mart because some assholes are abusing it for what ever stupid ass reason. I have legitimate sinus problems, and now I'll be treated like a damn junkie.

I hate people. Everyone sucks ass.

I'm going back to bed.

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