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April 27, 2005

All wound up

Maggie Gyllenhaal is in "hot water" over comments she made about the 9/11 attacks. She's in a movie about living in NY after the attacks, and she's insinuated that the US is responsible in some way for the attacks. At least that's the impression I got from reading the blurb on the Fox News site.

First of all, making a movie about 9/11 is, to me at least, in the very worst taste and utterly disrespectful to all of the people who's lives were affected that day. Yes it happened and it was awful. But do we need to reopen those wounds over and over? Bad enough that uber-liar Michael Moore speculated on it, then that Native American wannabe Churchill, now this?

Okay, okay, you libs, First Amendment and all that yakkity yak. (Blowing you all a big raspberry) Some things are just too sensitive to keep rehashing! I still cry whenever I see a brief clip from that day. Who doesn't? Yeah, I'm still angry about it, who isn't, but I don't hold the US responsible. Face it, had that fence post Gore been the one in office at that time, we as a country probably would have taken that passive role and tried to reason with bin Laden. Uh-huh, like that man would really sit down and reason with anyone.

And as for it affecting lives, don't you think for one minute that my little family's lives weren't touched in a way too. That's all I'll say about that.

But, back to what I started with, I knew I didn't like that Maggie what-ever-her-name-is.

So, one of the Dixie Chunks, uh Chicks, had twins? And according to Fox they're still considered a country act. Okay, anyone see what Larry the Cable Guy had to say about those girls? Well, you should, because the man hit it on the head. "We'll put a BOOT IN YOUR ASS....." Yeah, I do like Toby Keith.

Pamela Anderson wants us to boycott KFC. Oh puh-leeeze! MOVING ON! How about boycotting boobie implants Pammie? How about boycotting making videos of yourself and the man of the hour gettin' busy??? How about just boycotting speaking?

Hmmmmm, well, that's it. I'm all wound up early this morning, aren't I? There isn't much going on here "at the ranch."

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