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April 19, 2005

New topics

So, Skippy and I have moved on to new topics of discussion, having settled matters that happened years ago. I had been wanting to ask him about something, and I finally did (ah, how email gives one courage to ask the asinine) and he gave me a nice, honest answer. At least I hope it was honest, but Skippy, if you're reading this, thank you.

Moving on...

I'm not going to say what Skippy and I are talking about now, as it would probably piss off all those Civil Liberties people, and I'm just too fed up with the mundane in my life to listen to a bunch of whining hippies and hippie wannabes.

I am officially losing my patience and my mind. Once again my kids are snot nosed, and every time my daughter gets a snot nose she gets an ear infection. She has to get those tubes in two weeks, and I can't have her getting all sick again. So, I call the pediatrician and get the standard run-down of PediaCare and fluids. Well, DUH!! Like I haven't already been doing that? Cripes, that doc knows that every cold settles in my daughter's ears and he's just telling me to push fluids.

I haven't posted in a couple days because I've been in hormone hell. Thanks to my lousy diet and major caffeine (is that spelled right?) intake, my "cousin" was especially nasty this time around. I just about walked out on Sunday, really. My husband spent part of the day working on the computer and the other half outside, which left me to deal with the kids. My son wouldn't go outside alone, or if he did go out he wasn't out for long, and my daughter, well, she's a monkey, climbing the bar stools, falling off the dining room chairs and the aforementioned bar stools. I lost my patience in a big way. I got tired of entertaining! Tired of the mess and constant picking up.

I know, such is my lot in life as a stay-at-home mom, but for Pete's sake, don't I get a break? I can't go anywhere alone - you moms know what I mean - I haven't peed alone in almost 6 years! And now that my daughter is snotty again, everything is her Kleenex. The couch, my bed, my shirts...

And then my husband is in one of his "thoughtful" moods, where everything and nothing is bugging him. At the forefront is health insurance, and all I'm going to say is I knew this was going to happen and this is exactly why I wasn't keen on what he wanted to do. I shan't say more about it, as it would just reveal to the unwashed masses what my husband does and I'm not allowed to say what that is.

Okay, he's a pimp.


Why in the hell was I so anxious to be an "adult"? What is so great about constant worry? My acid reflux is coming back, I can feel the smoldering in my chest daily. Hello Zantac! How is my old friend? And this weekend I shall be hauling out the L'Oreal hair color to cover these gray hairs I've had since I was 22. This time I'm doing it, I'm going back to red. I haven't had red hair since before I got married, so this should be fun, although I probably won't keep it, I've found I get less attention as a brunette.

I need more coffee, and I have nothing else of note to say.

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