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April 16, 2005

My Date

Today I had a "date" with my son. He's been pestering me to go to the library, so I said "We'll go Saturday and make a day of it, jus the two of us." He liked that idea, and was really excited. He got worried this morning when my husband got up before I did; I guess my son thought I was going to sleep all day long or something.

Anyway, we got going, went to the library where my son promptly headed to the dinosaur books and I checked out the beginning reader books. The rule is two dino books, but he has to get at least one story book. I got a few books that he might like to read, and then some nice story books for him and my daughter. He then puttered around with the toys that the libary has while I browsed the parenting and homeschooling books. I'm not going to homeschool, at least I don't think so, unless these public schools get too liberal.

My son tried to help me find a book, but I had not luck finding the ones I wanted. That damn libary, they had that asinine Bill Clinton book o'lies, but no copies of Donny Osmond's autobiograpy. Yeah, Donny Osmond, so what? I may not agree with his religion, but he's a nice enough guy.

We went to KMart; got two pairs of SpongeBob Jammies for the boy, a little outfit for my daughther, diapers, mother's day cards...crap...

My son and I had a lovely lunch at Burger King. We sat in the sunny, very warm, part and giggled at the rude noises the soft drink dispenser was making. Really, fart fart toot toot.

Next came groceries, always hated, ever loathed. I only spent $67! I did, however, get a little goofy over a box of granola bars with Han Solo on it. And the Corn Pops with a light saber spoon! Oooooo...

Why, all of a sudden, am I freaking out over Star Wars? I never watched those movies in the 70's and 80's...I'm not all that fond of Natalie Portman (because of her damn political views..."John Kerry is my heart throb..." vomit, puke, gag, vomit more), and I'm definitely NOT a sci-fi fan. The closest I get to that is one of my favorite flicks..."Armageddon," which I love in spite of it having Ben Asslick in it. Gotta love that Bruce Willis!

Anyway, we're home NOW, and my son is watching "Empire Strikes Back." Luke is with Yoda at this point....

Oh, I don't know, I think I'm interested in Star Wars because of the whole story, the whole series thing, does that make sense?

I need a nap, all that shopping tired me out!!!

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