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April 14, 2005


I was just fooling around, browsing some other blogs out there, when I happened across one that caught my attention. This guy said exactly what I think, and I like knowing there is someone out there who thinks like I do, at least on certain issues. This guy went off about the FCC, for one thing, and basically said that parents should be the ones who control what's on TV in their homes. I couldn't agree more! True, my kids watch too much TV, but when they do watch it's always kid shows or Animal Planet. About the worst thing they may see these days is the evening news (liberal mainstream media!!).

I've always made a point of knowing what my kids watch and listen to. I started listening to country because 1) I like it, and 2) I don't worry about my kids hearing those lyrics. Come on, I mean, the stuff on Top 40 is crappy crappity crap!

(FYI Madonna - Shutyerpiehole and fade away, ya old whooooore. I just had to say that, because she is an old whoooooore. Dressing like a nun, as if!!! First she has kids, and now Britney Spears is spawning. I weep for my future...)


Coming soon....why I love G.W. Bush!!!

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