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May 10, 2006

Riddle Me This

As if we needed further confirmation, celebrities are stupid.

So noTORIous.

I must have been the only paranoid pregnant woman on the planet; I never went shopping for baby clothes when I was, like, an hour pregnant. Oh wait, I was also sick as a dog and would have had to carry an industrial sized bucket everywhere.

Which is why I don't understand these Hollyweird types. They may be pregnant but aren't even showing yet, and they're out looking at upscale baby clothes. (Which leads me to wonder why they get such pricey stuff that will ultimately be either outgrown in a week, pooped on, or puked on. Tsk.)

These asshats know that any move they make will be reported on, and yet they fuel the fire by traipsing all over MotherCare.

And once again, it boggles the mind that we, and I include myself in this, make such a big deal about the reproductive habits of famous people. Really, they aren't the first or only women to have babies; this isn't a new concept, folks. But I still say if there's any cosmic justice in this world, women like Angelina Jolie will have sore butts, rock-hard boobs, and be tired as hell for three months.

Stars! They're just like us!

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