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May 11, 2006

"I shot a man in Reno..."

You know I'm going to have that going through my head this entire weekend.

I hate packing. What's worse is that now I have to pack for two kids. Son isn't that bad, he doesn't have the accoutrements that Daughter has at this age, so packing for him shouldn't be a trial. Daughter, on the other hand...

Speaking of, why in the hell was she up at 5:30 this morning? I was ready to scream.

Anyway, we'll just see how the day goes. I've got to get the kids up to meet my mother this afternoon, and then come back and pack my own stuff.

Be thinking of me tomorrow, as I fly the friendly skies alone. Especially since I've got to brave DFW on the way out and O'Hare on the way back...alone.

On a different note, and nobody will really care about this, 14 years ago I graduated from college. The only reason I know this is because pulled out my St. Christoper medal, the one my parents gave me when I graduated, and there it was, inscribed on the back: 5-9-92. Oh, when I think of those days...I was thin!

Well, so...uh huh...

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