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October 13, 2006

Just My Opinion, Folks!

Okay, so apparently the Screech dirtydirty video is on the market. I've seen a link for it, haven't clicked on it. Why? I'd prefer not to toss my cookies! And as for watching a clip, well, I've got that demon dial-up, and you know what that means.

Anyway, everyone is jabbering on about Screech. Admittedly, that's gross, but what about the two chicks he was with? So far all I've heard is that they're dancers, but not much else.

How drunk were they? How desperate do they have to be for some sort of "exposure" *snort* that they would mess around with Screech?? How desperate is Screech to have some sort of career? Hello? Do you NOT remember that guy from The Toy? (Of course, that guy had a problem with wood, if I recall.)

Jeez, first we get "Flavor of Love" (which I've seen....oh good lawd) and now we seem to have "Smell of Love."

Just my opinion, folks!

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