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October 15, 2006


Is this thing on? Does "Fiddle Dee Dee" still exist?

Yeah, sorry, it's been suffering from that dread disease of all bloggers, "lack-a-posting."

What with one thing and another, I fear I've been quite neglectful.

Well, get over it!

I finally found a job I can do from home: online proofreading. I'm so qualified, with my B.S. (read "bullshit") degree in English Ed. and all the various and sundry jobs I've held in the past where I either composed, typed, or proofed someone else's work. It's a cake walk, but Algore's Internets gods have cursed me with dial-up, so it's going kinda slow. Really slow. Husband and I are in talks to boost things up with a satellite thingahootch; we'll see about that.

Oh yeah, speaking of my bullshit degree, I've also been reasearching the process to obtain my OH teacher certification. Yes, I even called Harrisburg to find out the status of my PA license, inactive but still valid, and then Columbus to find out what I need to do got get an OH license. Go back to school for at least six semester hours. Blah.

I did find out that I can take all the courses I'd need online (yay!) but I don't know if I want to get back to the front of the classroom. I discovered, quite late in my course of studies, that I really don't like the little bastards blessings very much.

But! These here Internets provide a plethora of online tutoring and teaching jobs, so we'll see about that, too.

As for the family, well, it has begun. Son's constant stuffy nose, the increase by 100% in tissue usage, the purchasing of OTC cold/cough/fever meds...that season that in my house runs from October to May. Ugh. I'm supposed to be getting the younglings and myself ready to go to church, but Son is still sleeping, and he needs the rest (he was feverish last night), so we may just be sinning around the house today.

I did manage to get the kids' noses wiped up long enough to get their pictures taken at Sears yesterday. While I was there I got a Christmas picture taken, which I had made into THE Christmas card. And you know what? At a dollar a card, I still spent less then I did through Shutterfly last year.

Well, the Son is up, so I've got to check his temperature and start the orange juice transfusions.

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