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January 17, 2007

Soap Suds

I'd read about this possibility of this happening in the Soap Opera Digest (yes, I read that), but now it looks to be a certainty:

In other television news, the campy sudsfest 'Passions' has been canceled by NBC and will be replaced by another hour of The Today Show (yawn...) later in the summer. NBC will apparently shop the show around to other networks and online entities. This will leave 'Days of Our Lives' as the network's sole soap.

I'd also heard, and this hasn't been confirmed, that Passions, or even Days, may make the move over to ABC, shortening All My Children and One Live to Live to a half hour.

Just keep your paws off of General Hospital!

(Maxiepad admitted to Lucky that she faked the pregnancy!!! Carly and Sonny remarried!!!)

Source: Glitterati

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