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March 06, 2007

Why Does Anyone Need This?

If you are a parent, at some point you and your child(ren) may be bombarded with toy ads on TV. Most of the time, when Daughter jumps up and proclaims "I want that!" I give it the attention it demands, which is not much.

But when I saw the commercial for Barbie and her dog Tanner, I hit the roof.

People, this dog poops. Little, brown plastic turdies, that Barbie "scoops" up so the "waste" can be disposed of.

Um....okay. Why exactly would any young girl want to play with this? And yes, Daughter says she waaaaaaaaants it.

What's next? "Barbie's Poopin' Pony?"

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Posted by Groovyvic at 11:34 AM | Comments (4) | TrackBack (0)

Egad! That's gross enough in real life, why would you want a pretend poopin' puppy?! Well, it does have one advantage...no smell.

Posted by: Anna at March 6, 2007 03:36 PM

The copy says the pooper-skooper is "magnetic". What's she feeding that pooch?

Posted by: Robbo the Llama Butcher at March 6, 2007 05:57 PM

"Barbie doll cleans up with her special magnetic scooper and trash can."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she do the same thing with Ken?!?

Watch out doggy Tanner!

Posted by: david drake at March 6, 2007 06:49 PM

Well, they have baby dolls that "wet" so this is a logical extension. Maybe it will train children, from childhood, to "scoop" up after their dogs. Alot of people in my neighborhood could use such training. I'm getting tired of the Branch coming home with dog poop on his shoes.

And you can imagine all the fun the little brothers are going to have with the "poop", putting it in their sister's cereal, their mom's salad at dinner, etc. I bet extra "poops" will be sold on the side!

Posted by: junebee at March 8, 2007 08:56 PM