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July 22, 2007

Yesterday's Fun

I have a scant few minutes to post before I have to start getting ready for church. Yes, I stayed up late reading Harry Potter and overslept, so now I'm running around like a fool.

We went to that reenactment/historic village festival yesterday. It was fun, expensive, but fun. The reenactment itself was kind of a letdown; just a few guys on either side. Still, though, when the guns started firing I looked at Husband and told him I missed it.

We spent much of the time remarking about the FARB (not authentic) soldiers and civilians. I told Husband the troops needed him, then maybe they'd know how to shoot, and he said he didn't have the patience to train anyone anymore.

For a man in our country's modern military, I don't know how to take that remark.


Anyway, yeah, then we went to Boob Bob Evans, where Son promptly lost one of his teeth.

Which leads me to ask you parents, what do you or have you done with the teeth? Keep them? Throw them out? I have all the teeth Son has lost so far in a little box; my mom kept mine. Is that gross?

Then, the really great feeling when I opened the mailbox and saw that box from Amazon. Harry Potter had arrived!

And yeah, I skipped to the end, so I sort of know what happens. Cheater!!

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Posted by Groovyvic at 07:06 AM | Comments (1)

I've kept all of my kids teeth, including the ones that they had to have pulled for their braces. It might be gross but I think it's cute to be able to look at all of them. My mom didn't keep mine but I kept my own wisdom teeth.

Posted by: LeeAnn at July 23, 2007 03:17 PM