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September 21, 2007

"Bored" Meeting

Last night I went to the school board meeting, the only highlight being the young man in the FFA Choir who sang for us.

But I found out that one gentleman was asked to leave by the two deputy sheriffs that were standing by, in case anyone gets out of hand.

See, the gentleman that was asked to leave is the same one who has gotten up to speak at the last three board meetings. He doesn't cause a problem, he just asks questions that the board can't answer. So last night, before the guy even walked in the door of the high school, he was asked to leave.

I was stunned. I mean, it's a public meeting, after all. I piped up and said "As much as I hate to recommend this, maybe he should call the ACLU. He has every right to be here!"

And I do, hate to call out the ACLU, but this school board is ridiculous.

Now they want to cut the high school band!

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