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October 11, 2007

Even More Domestic Blogging

Today was the day o' cleaning in the Groovy house. Nothing major, mind you, just stuff that I've been avoiding, like dusting. I hate to dust. I can vacuum until the cows come home, but I loathe dusting.

Oh yeah, I also scrubbed our picture window, inside and out, and took down the screens in the two small side windows and washed them up.

See, we have spiders out here in the boonies, and they like those screens. And it was really bothering me. I like an unimpeded view of my land, and spiderwebs just spoil the effect.

Why all the hubub? Daughter's preschool teacher will be making a home visit tomorrow, and while we don't live like pigs, I at least would like to look a bit tidier than usual.

And I'm hosting my Monday evening Bible study, so it pays to plan ahead.

But, do I have something nibbly on hand for Daughter's teacher? Do I offer her coffee? Juice? Scotch on the rocks?

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