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November 13, 2007

Strike Day 5

Here's what the local NBC station sees fit to discuss, and here's the editorial from yesterday's paper.

I'm just a wee bit disgusted by some things, the first being the coverage this strike is receiving. Am I wrong in thinking most of it is unfairly biased against the teachers?

And that editorial really chaps me. The sheriff is now coming under fire for being too biased in this situation. The man was there at the rally Friday, of course he's going to tell the truth! How is that taking sides?

Of course, I'm probably wrong in being upset. I usually am, right? Last night at Bible study, a woman who doesn't even live in this district weighed in and sort of ticked me off...but I took a deep breath and reminded myself that everyone is entitled to an opinion, whether I agree or not.

And I confessed to those ladies what I had done yesterday and how awful I felt (and still feel) about my actions. There is no excuse for what I did.

I realize that mine is not the only school district going through difficult times, but it burns me that certain people in this nation are more concerned over the torture techniques used at Gitmo than they are about educating this nation's children!

That is inexcusable!

(Yeah, I'm still pretty emotional, but I'm staying away from the schools.)

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