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December 02, 2007

What's the Catch?

Husband came home from work today and informed me that PA Governor Ed Rendell got some referendum passed that would give PA Gulf War veterans $75 for every month they served during the war.

Husband should be looking at about, oh, $375 or so, seeing as how he's in a PA unit.

I asked him, first Gulf War or second? First, he told me; he was in Egypt then. (I was a drunken and totally oblivious college co-ed at that time. Good times, gooood times!)

Anyhoo, I told Husband someone should be paying ME for all that time he was gone after 9/11...but I shan't hold my breath waiting for that check.

Husband wonders just what Rendell's angle is with all this, but I could care less. Heck, it's money.

I really like money.

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