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January 11, 2008


We just got our Internets connection back, after 24 hours without it.

Ack! Gah!

What did I do without these here Internets?

Read a lot, and last night Husband unpacked and hooked up the new Fisher & Paykel washing machine. Didja know that they make a top loading dryer? Yeah, we looked at those; Husband said "Oooo, let's get the dryer now!"

Uh-huh, sure Mr. I Earn All The Money.

So, yeah, today I exercised great self-control and spent a grand total of $11.00 at the Wal-Mart. I think I should get some kind of recognition for that.

On the way to the doctor's office (follow-up for Daughter's ear infection - she's fine) I saw not one but TWO Ron Paul signs.

Seeing as how the only thing I know about this man is that he's running as a Republican, I didn't get too jazzed. Heck, I didn't even know there was a debate last night!

Had a very good conversation with a new friend I've made at church. "Kiss my hairy white ass!" was a phrase most often used. We're both kind of fed up where church is concerned. It would seem that money talks, and sadly we just don't have enough money to be heard by the pastor.

But oh well, who cares? It's just another damn soap opera, albeit with somewhat less attractive characters. I'd rather stick to General Hospital, thankyewverramuch.

Since I mentioned it, have you seen GH? All hell is breaking loose, the shit has hit the fan! Carly knows that Jason is Jake's father! She's on the warpath! She's such a hypocrite!

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