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February 01, 2008

What A Day

No school for the kids today, as we had freezing rain last night. Apparently it warmed up long enough to melt what was on the roads, and good for me, because I had to run up to Kroger to pick up more eye drops for Daughter.

This cold is out of control and her eyes are all red and nasty again.

Anyhoo, we got home JUSTINTIME because the skies are looking nasty again. I just hope Husband doesn't have trouble getting home.

Oh yeah, didn't I mention that he'd been gone all week? Yep. He should be flying home rightthisveryminute!!!

So, yeah, no school today. The kids wanted to watch Titpanic Titanic again, and I made the mistake of watching the end...and yes, I cried like a fool again.

Why, why, why is Son so fascinated by this?

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